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Wax Services

Car Wax pic

Wax A La Carte

$40 and up

(car wash not included)

Clay Bar Package


Removes Fall-out from Acid Rain, pits in the clear coat and can restore your vehicle’s clear coat to its former glory. Includes wash, interior cleaning and hand wax.

Auto Scrub Package


Safely removes overspray, water spots, tree sap, and other bonded surface contaminates. Includes wash, interior cleaning and hand wax.

Compound Package


Removes minor surface scratches and oxidation. Includes wash, interior cleaning and hand wax.

Shampoo Services


1. 2 Rows of Seats (Car wash not included)


2. Each Additional Row



Carpets and Mats

Includes first and second row. (Car wash not included)


Per Mat



Dash, Door & Console Cleaning


Complete Interior


 Includes Seats, Carpets, Mats, Dash, Door & Console

Additional Services

Headlight Restoration

Both Headlights


1 Headlight


Leather Seat Cleaning and Conditioning

1. 2 Rows of Seats


 2. Each Additional Row


Wheel Renewal – Compound



Dash Dressing


Exterior Plastic Renewal


Chrome Polishing


•All prices subject to additional charge based on vehicle size and condition.