For our customers who desire a delicate handling, yet thorough cleaning of their vehicle, we offer interior and exterior Hand Finish Options to suit your requirements.

During hand finish options, our staff will carefully detail your vehicle with the highest level of quality, such as hand towel drying, a thorough interior vacuuming, wiping dashboards and cleaning the interior windows. The additional options for the hand finish are Black Magic Tire Dressing and a Blue Coral Hand Wax. Blue Coral Hand Wax can restore the shine even on today’s modern clear coat finishes without scratching or dulling the paint job. Give your car the protection it needs along with the shine you’ll love. Blue Coral Hand Wax contains advanced cleaners, reactive silicones and a durable wax polymer for an instant, long-lasting showroom shine!

We offer many choices to suit all of our customers’ needs and speeds. If by chance you prefer a different or additional service, please ask for our store manager for your requirements or any other specialty service options.